Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Marsh Island

I think my favorite thing in Seattle is going to the many parks here. Can things get any better with a marshy park, next to some waterfront area? I went to what I think was Montlake park, but was also the other end of the Washington Park Arboretum. Anyways, the trail goes through a few marsh islands, one called "Marsh Island" in fact.

I liked the mix of industrial with the natural in this scenery. Obviously would be a good idea to bring my sketchbook next time. There were people canoeing and kayaking and made think it would be a fun date with Ian in the future.

After crossing the walkway bridge to Marsh Island I found myself walking on a semi-raised path above the marsh. Looking to my left I could see the open water and to my right a forest with a watery floor.

It felt like I was on the imaginary island in Life of Pi, where he found all those meerkats. Except I think this island was a lot safer. People were on the trail either running laps or fishing along the way.

I had to take a moment to appreciate it all because I knew that parks in Korea were enjoyable but made less so with the volume of people there. Also it felt like a natural ecosystem, instead of a man-made area. I even thought it would be fun to return when the weather is different and all misty outside.

I didn't go as far as Foster Island, and will save that for my next visit. Otherwise, I think I might have discovered my new favorite park in Seattle.

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