Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze in Kent

For the past five years, my Halloween was marked as nothing really special. In Korea, Halloween is one of those "foreigner" holidays and sometimes English schools or departments would host a shindig for the students. They would ask teachers to dress up, decorate their classrooms and sometimes have the kids go on a class-to-class trick or treating party. But to be honest it never really felt the same as back here in America.

Although I would say Halloween probably doesn't feel the same generally when you're an adult and don't have kids.

Yet, one of the main differences was pumpkins. In Korea you just couldn't find a decent carving pumpkin to save your life. Now, they had pumpkins but not the large plump variety seen above. Also I found that the pumpkins they did have were large and flat and used for medicine, so cost a fortune (around $30). To say the least I never really tried my best to find a carving pumpkin in Korea after realizing it was useless.

That is why I found it a blessing to be out on a pumpkin patch enjoying large fields of pumpkins. We went to Kent (which is a little bit south of Seattle) and to the Carpinito Brother's Pumpkin Patch. What also made this visit fun was the corn maze.

It was our first time taking on a corn maze and I think we had a good time. They gave us maps which had points on it that you wanted to get to. When you found the special areas there was a hole puncher that you used to get the point. Each hole puncher had a different shape, which I thought was a clever way of organizing it.

I let Ian take the lead and pretty much followed him around as I took pictures. But I realized that the corn maze would probably be really difficult without the map, considering that every turn pretty much looked the same.

After the corn maze we got some fresh caramelized Kettle corn. Then we grabbed a trolly and set about finding a pumpkin. However, I think we had more fun pulling each other on the trolly than finding a pumpkin.

I realized, as we walked through the pumpkin patch, that I didn't really want to take on the task of carving a pumpkin. For one I didn't know where I would put it considering I live with housemates and also they were pretty heavy. I'll probably carve a pumpkin when I have a place of my own and a good windowsill to put it on. So instead we enjoyed the good times on the farm.

I did, however, take home a small mini pumpkin to decorate my room with and remind me of the splendors of fall.

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