Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Few Things I've Learned in my Curriculum Design Course

To get my MA Ed. TESOL degree I have to take courses in Adult Education. It's one of the reasons I selected this university because I wanted to be ready for adult instruction.

This quarter I have been taking a Curriculum design course that has been pretty intense. It's one of those classes that have weekly readings, follow up questions online and a project due every week. For a while there I did feel overwhelmed but now that I've gotten through it I feel I've come a long way.

The above is my "Course Visual" for the curriculum I designed. I chose to design a course based upon an intensive English program at a local community college. The visual is to express the goals they will meet while learning the course.

Some things I have learned this quarter is that teaching and designing to teach can by synchronous. I found that while making my curriculum I thought a lot about what was going to actually happen in the classroom. A lot of the activities I ended up designing have a lot to do with student-centered and active learning principles.

One thing I also learned is that how far I've come from my first years teaching in Korea. Looking back I don't think I really started to "teach" until my 3rd year. I also can't believe that I was able to get by teaching at that immersion school without a real curriculum. Sure I made lesson plans and materials for that class (for 2 years) but I didn't really design a full curriculum. Knowing what I know now and how to make a curriculum I think it would have been fun to do that, back in Korea.

Otherwise I can take these skills and knowledge and apply them to future teaching here in America. I also hope that as I advance my career I get to design curriculum and maybe even get paid extra or develop something other teacher's will use.

I supposed I'm doing a lot of dreaming these days about my future, but I'm already nearly half way through my program and starting to feel like I'm ready to hit the big leagues. In the meantime, I'm glad my program offered this course and next quarter I'm going to take Instructional Design methods which I hear is about designing the lesson plan end of things. Not looking forward to another intense class, but definitely going to enjoy the outcomes of it all.

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