Saturday, November 16, 2013

Back to Berkeley

Warning: lots of sunshine ahead. Seattle has definitely settled into its grey and rainy self these past few weeks. That is why I am starting to treasure my mini trip to San Francisco even more since the sun was out blaring.

For the first time in many years I ventured over to Berkeley and found things had changed, but mostly stayed the same. As an undergrad I lived in Berkeley for a few years while commuting to San Francisco State University. I was at the time living with and dating a guy going to UC Berkeley. So in a nutshell Berkeley does have a lot of memories for me.

In fact, I used to be very fearful of urban cities and one time my mom took me through Berkeley (way long ago) and I was feeling so anxious I tried to hide in her car. I can't believe since then I lived not only in Berkeley but also Seoul, a city of millions.

Going back to Berkeley made me realise all these things and that it felt amazing that so much had gone by...most of it in Korea. I also couldn't grasp the fact I was there with my American boyfriend and as a traveler. It just never occurred to me long ago that I would be visiting it under such circumstances or after so much had happened.

Those red shoes have been around the world and back a few times. I hope someday to replace them with the same brand and style but in purple. I guess that's just one of my goals right now.

Ian seemed to enjoy Berkeley as it reminded him of parts of Seattle. I showed him around the campus and then we went to Telegraph avenue where he stepped on some street kids artwork (they were wire flowers on the ground).

But the best part of my Berkeley trip was meeting up with my brother after so many years.

I can't tell you how wonderful it felt to see my brother, mostly because I knew I didn't have to hop on a plane to Korea anymore. I could enjoy the visit without the jet lag or the feeling of sadness of living far far away.

While still on the Berkeley campus Ian enjoyed following the squirrels around and we found a sculpture to pose on.

That evening my brother and his girlfriend drove us back into The City and over the new Bay Bridge.

There is still a little bit more to post from my last day in San Fran so I'll leave that for the next post. Just a quick little update here. Schoolwork is finally starting to slow down and I find myself with little in my pocket to spend, but lots more time to enjoy life. Ian comes back next weekend and then it will be my first Thanksgiving back in America!

My, my ... how time flies!

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