Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mini San Francisco Trip (part 1)

This past weekend I visited Ian in San Francisco and found myself amongst a lot of sunshine and memories. You might not know this, but I lived in San Francisco before moving to Korea and so it was good to be back. It's funny how so much can happen between visiting places.

This first post is to just capture the initial moments I had back in the city. After resting a bit in the hostel (which was very nice) I made sure Ian got out and saw the Golden Gate Bridge. How can you spend time in San Fran and not see this icon?

Traveling with Ian is fun as he notices all the odd things there are to see and I can point out what neat things I see as well. We enjoyed that evening going to karaoke (which I never fully did before) and having shabu-shabu for dinner.

I'll put up more pictures and tales of my good times down on the Golden Coast. Till then...

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