Sunday, November 3, 2013


Wow! It's already November. Where did October go? I'll tell you where it went, with my face stuffed in a book. After taking Ian to the airport I suddenly found myself with a lot of school work. Ian is in San Francisco doing some work for his new job, he'll return before Thanksgiving.

I'm in a Curriculum design course and it's a doozy. But hopefully after all my hard work and sacrifice I'll know how to design a course, if ever given the chance. Otherwise, I do plan on some relaxation time as I'm schedule to visit Ian next weekend in San Fran. Haven't been to the city since I took my Korean ex there for Christmas. But my brother is also in the Bay Area and so I hope to see him, as well.

Well I think I have a grip on my classwork now and can find moments to sit back and relax. The leaves are falling off the trees quickly and the temperature is dropping. But I don't think it will get as cold as Korea, so woohoo!

Halloween came and went, even though it was my first in America for a while. I hope by the next Halloween I can engage in the fun a bit more.

But I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving!! Finally I don't have to pay huge bucks to have a Thanksgiving dinner. Also, even though it's kitschy I enjoy seeing the stores put up holiday displays. What can I say?

Sometimes I dream I'm still in Korea or I've gone back there and I think to myself, "What am I doing back here? Where's Tom?" And I'm enjoying being somewhere there but then I remember all the stuff I don't enjoy and I get anxious that I'm having to deal with all that again. Then parts of my American life seep in I get really confused. I wake up and think, "Where am I?" Dreams...

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