Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Back to Studio Life

In Korea, I lived in studio spaces the whole time, and I really vowed to myself that when I returned to America I would get more space. Turns out I'm not financially ready yet to have my own 1 bedroom apartment (and near school). I've enjoyed living in a house here but in the end I just usually spend time in my room, which is actually smaller than a studio.

So as you know I wanted to branch out and have a space of my own. I found this studio not too far from where I live now and it has enough space and pretty much does the job.

I like that the kitchen is separated by a wall with an opening, so that it doesn't feel like you live in that space. The bathroom is incredibly tiny, but I'm not really the kind of gal who spends a lot of time in there anyways.

The kitchen is also not the biggest of spaces but I'll make that up with a table I can prepare food on and put the appliances on as well.

I won't really move in till this weekend, as I don't have much time or helping hands available after work these days. Till then I've been putting in the essential stuff like plates and cleaning supplies. I should make another trip to Ikea, but not sure if I'll have the energy tomorrow...feeling a little under the weather right now.

If anything I'm happy I'll have those windows to gaze out of while I do my studies and kick back here in Seattle.

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  1. Nice - it's bigger than my first studio in San Diego and my last studio in Seoul!