Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December starts

Well I have less than 2 weeks left of this fall quarter and glad to be here at the tail end. My life has been kind of in a whirlwind lately since I decided I wanted to branch off and live on my own. So far I've been living in a house with 2 other folks, and it's been good (cheap) and convenient. But I think I got to used to living on my own when I was in Korea, and the itch to return that has been bugging me for sometime. Since I have a break coming up from school I figured this was a good time to break from where I am now, so that I don't have to move in the middle of a quarter.

So with a lot of hunting and searching I found a little studio not too far from where I am now. It's basically what you saw in Korea, except with windows! Through my five years living in Korea I lived in only one place that had a huge window with a wonderful view. The only hitch with that was that the job was tough and agonising. Anyways, the rest of my time in Korea I heavily lamented the fact that you had just one side of your wall for windows.

My new place will have a large window facing Southeast that on a clear day gets a view of Mt. Rainier. It also has 2 other windows throughout the space.

My house hunting was difficult, since I'm a student and on a budget so my choices were limited. It turns out Seattle is going through an upgrading phase where the housing is getting more and more expensive. It was truly hard to find something reasonable within my budget and near my school. There were a lot of choices in the surrounding areas, but that would of meant a commute and spending money on gas.

However, the place I'm moving to struck me as "home" when I walked in and although I'll be going back to studio living I think just being on my own will make it worth it. The kitchen area has a partitioned wall in front of it, so it won't feel like I live in a kitchen.

The way I saw it was that I spent most of my time in my current place in my room or the kitchen, and this room started to feel cramped with all my stuff in here. (I have too much stuff).

I need to make extra money anyways so with the subbing job I'll be able to get by. It's a gamble to keep paying cheaply for rent and live with other people or pay more and live with yourself.

So I can't move into this new place till they finish installing the new bathroom shower, which they hope to finish by this weekend or next week. Till then I guess I can pack. :)

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  1. So happy for you!
    Chk this out Ms. English Teacher....."would of" should be "would have" ?? Pls let me know!! (yeah...I know pls is not a word!).