Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas from Seattle!

I feel like I've moved in enough now that things feel cozy and settled. I surprised myself by getting practically every box unpacked and even was able to fit my suitcases in my new place.

There are still some things left to do and organise, but I can slow down now and enjoy this Christmas Eve back in America. Ian surprised me with a really sweet gift yesterday and we will attend his family gathering tomorrow.

Overall, I'm tired from the move and kind of sad I didn't have time to enjoy this season. However, I've got 2014 to look forward to!

Above you see Tom being bad, because my windows don't have screens. He was so close to just popping out the window. So I've been busy taping window screens to them which so far is working. Hope to find a suitable and sturdy replacement in time. For now I'll keep a close eye on him.

Overall, I think the move here has been a little hard for Tom because he made friends with the cats at my old place. But I think after I let him get cozy here he'll be okay.

That's the view of the yard area next to my building and the following is Ian and me eating brunch after the move.

While I was leaving Home Depot last night I caught the sunset near the big Starbucks building in the SODO region.

Merry Christmas everyone~

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