Friday, December 20, 2013

Snowy Seattle 2013

It's all melted now but I got up this morning, ate some cereal and put on my winter gear to go for a walk and enjoy my first snow in Seattle. Apparently, Seattle doesn't get much snow that often and when it comes the city is abuzz with tales of "Snowdoom". Having experienced "real" winter several times in Korea, I kind of laughed at what I was hearing about the pending doom. However, I do enjoy snow and it's even better when it just lasts for a while and doesn't become an icy nuisance.

I enjoyed my stroll around my neighbourhood before the rain came and melted everything away.

The following is a view looking East towards Lake Washington and Bellevue. 

Near a local elementary school, children were seen enjoying sledding down the hill.

I move tomorrow, so hoping things will clear up just a little bit so my things don't get all soggy.

Merry Christmas!

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