Sunday, December 15, 2013

This and That

Well it's one of those posts where I say "sorry" for no posts. School finished up and I think I did pretty well this quarter. This will be my winter break time now till the second week of January, but I have exciting news. I got regular hours at the school I substitute for, so I can make a little extra cash this season and also practice teaching adults. That's probably why I've been too busy to enjoy some free time and post stuff.

I'm happy about my regular hours this winter because I'm teaching 3 private classes and they are all Saudi Arabian students. I've never really had such a chance to teach this culture and so I'm kind of excited. I'll try to write in more about what it's like.

Otherwise I still haven't moved in to my new place but I think that will change very soon. I'm kind of living with the bare minimum right now as a lot of my stuff is in boxes.

I can't believe Christmas is just around the corner and although I haven't posted much I really like seeing the decorations around town. Especially the lights people put up on their houses. I can't believe I missed seeing that and I hope to get out one evening and take photos. Otherwise it's not so cold here but still cloudy and rainy at times.

Well hope to post pics of my new digs soon!

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