Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Foggy End to 2013

For New Year's Eve I attended a party that was hosted by Ian's friend's. It was nice to meet new people and join in the celebrations of 2013 ending. But what I really wanted was to see the fireworks go off on the Space Needle. So when it came time to look out at this sight, it was shrouded by dense fog. This reminded me that "this is Seattle" and foggy weather is something that happens here on occasion.

Despite this setback I still enjoyed the moment and liked bringing in the new year here. On my walk to my car I captured the foggy scenes.

The fog gives the streets a surreal feel and sometimes you couldn't see too far ahead, shrouding street signs and normal points of reference along the way.

I've been wanting to capture the foggy nights and am thankful I got to do so cause of being up late for the New Year.

2014 is here and upon us now. My Winter Quarter starts next week and I'll be finishing teaching regular hours this week. I really can't grasp that almost a whole year has gone by since I moved out of Korea. I think for some time I did miss Korea, but it feels like that has worn off. I suppose this means I was ready for my new life here. Even though it is a bit harder here (bills and more responsibility) I definitely feel more comfortable than I was in Korea and more in control.

Although I really miss the fun of being able to travel and see something new and interesting, especially to Japan, I'll see what I can do about exploring locally.

Tom is still getting used to the place here and hopefully I can take him out on a leash so he can explore a little bit more. But I do my best to play with him and bend to his will. 

My projection for my year in 2014 will be lots of school work, some regular teaching work and towards the end planning my transition into full time work. I'm hoping I'm doing enough now to be able to secure a full time position once I graduate. I guess keeping up my confidence is best as I move forward. 

I hope everyone has a good year and makes resolutions that are sound and attainable. I usually don't make resolutions that are specific but more like "just do what is right...". We'll see..

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