Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Walk Around My New Neighborhood

The sun came out after what felt like weeks of greyness. I think it's not that it rains a lot in Seattle, but that it remains covered in grey clouds for a long period of time, that can get to you. But I figured the sun had to come out at some point, and well it did. Tom too has been enjoying the sunshine and on some mornings it seems to really perk him up.

I actually didn't move too far from my last place but I'm definitely closer to the International District. Nearby my home is a Vietnamese Buddhist Temple, which offers free service on Saturday mornings. So I might try to get up and check that out some day.

Maybe it's just my optimism but this neighbourhood also feels a lot safer than the last, however I can't really vouch for that yet. Also nearby is a local church that does the food bank thing, which I went to one time ago. So there were folks walking to that with their bags.

But I think one of the gems in my new area is the Judkins Park and play field. A huge grassy area with benches and paths to enjoy.

I took some time out and used my new iPad Mini to sketch the scene, which was made easier using a stylus I just got in the mail.

I look forward to exploring more around my neighbourhood and maybe using the park for exercising or maybe convince Ian and his pals for a game of kickball.

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