Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Into January and the Rain

The above is how Seattle has been looking for some time now. Except that today was sunny and it's going to be that way (hopefully) for the next few days. The above is also when a storm system was rolling through, and I've been told usually those storms last longer.

In essence, I'm not really bogged down by the weather but I did miss the sunshine there for awhile. I'm still glad I can go out of my house without having to bundle up for freezing and snowy weather (like I did in Korea).

This is my second week into the Winter quarter and I'm surprised things are running smoothly. I think the intensity and anxiety I felt last quarter has made me well aware of what I need to do to get my school work done without that happening. A reminder of what classes I'm taking:

  • Instructional Design for Adults
  • Social Linguistics or Linguistics in Society
For the design class I am working with a group to put together information about collaborative, cooperative and competitive group work in adult learning. A lot of my members shot for researching collaborative learning, where I decided to take a closer look at competitive and divergent thinking. I'm going to relate that last one to collaborative learning.

For Social Linguistics it's been really great because I definitely connect with the issues being brought up and also find it connecting with my current teaching.

However, as much as I'm a go-getter and organised person I feel myself a bit scattered at the start of this quarter. I started doing research on my 2 papers for Social Linguistics without a real map ahead of me and also starting looking at lesson plan ideas for the other class. So I have a bunch of windows out with a lot of tabs, and already folders with PDFs in them. I've gotta get that all organised, printed and looked over...get that whole process really going. But sheesh, it's only the second week right!

I've also signed up for a few subbing gigs (completed one). Last quarter I really passed up on subbing since I felt I had no time, but now that I'm living in a studio (on my own) I need to bring a little extra cash to pay for those things in life.

My life in Seattle has been trucking along, I suppose. I know I need to get out there more, take in the social scene and what-not. I'm going to...I swear...

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