Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cat Walking

Living in a studio space with a cat works in ways you wouldn't think possible. For one, you'll always know where your cat is and two your cat will always be there to remind you how much he loves you. Maybe that last part can be kind of annoying at times, especially at 6 in the morning when he wants to be fed.

But it also means that your poor cat doesn't have much room to roam. So I've been letting Tom explore the hallway regions of the building I live in. I have tried to put Tom on several cat leashes and so far it just doesn't work. The harness usually goes underneath his belly and around his front legs. But it's so tight that Tom doesn't like it and walks kind of funny. So I just use the neck part attached to the leash to guide him around. I think he's too big for the usual cat leashes. I hope to get a dog sized harness and see if that works. But things are working for now.

Now when I say I "lead" him around that probably isn't exactly true. It's more like I follow him as he sniffs and rubs up against every nook and corner in the building. But there are times when he will follow me. 

He's been enjoying sniffing around and rubbing his cheeks everywhere. The other people in this building do have cats and sometimes he freaks out in front of their doorsteps. 

One time, though, we were on the third floor (I'm on the second) and someone came home which freaked Tom out. He ran off and I got him onto the second floor hallway area and tried to coax him back to my door (out of the hallway area). But the poor thing was so confused where he was he couldn't figure out what to do. His tail was all bushy in reaction to freaking out and he was yowling away. I finally got him back to my room, but it took some coaxing.

Since then he hasn't been as adventurous as before, and won't beg to go out as much. But I still take him, or leave the door open so he mingles in front of it.

My hope is to coax him enough so he can go outside and enjoy the grass and sunshine (but still on the leash). Till then he can enjoy the world of hallways and stairs. :p

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