Saturday, February 22, 2014

초당 순두부 Lynnwood

What else does one do when they want to celebrate their first year out of Korea? They go eat Korean! Yep, I dragged Ian up to Lynnwood for some Korean food and to do a little Korean grocery shopping. We ate at the Cho Dang Soon Du Bu restaurant which is situated inside the KS Supermarket.

This was by far the most "Korean" experience I have had outside Korea. Even the tables set with the baskets of spoons and chopsticks felt close to the real thing. Don't be fooled by those empty chairs, families starting coming soon after we were seated.

As you can see from the spread above this was an ample meal with a large pot of rice, soon du bu, bulgolgi, and yummy fresh side dishes. Ian was really hungry and this seemed to hit the spot. Also he is a big fan of barley tea, now.

Shopping around the market was fun as I saw items that were familiar to me back in Korea and it was also exciting seeing new Lotte treats on the shelves. "What kind of choco pie, do they make now?" I wondered.

I picked up a few things like gochugaru, kimchi and some frozen hoddeuk. The Lynwood area seems to be a small enclave of Korean folks, so I hope to go back and explore other Korean restaurants and marts.