Friday, February 7, 2014

Planning to teach about Competitive Group Learning

One of the courses I am currently taking is Instructional Methods for Adult Learners. The core element of this course is to create two lesson plans that we will teach to a group of peers. Our task is to first create 2 full lessons, then boil them down to 2 - 25 minute versions.

Our lessons are determined by the "Topic Group" we were assigned early in the quarter. The group I chose is called, "Collaborative, cooperative and competitive groups". It seems that most of the group went with collaborative forms of group learning, while I got more interested in competitive forms. I really think that you can use this positively with adult learners and that it allows students to think fast and use skills that are sometimes put on the back burner.

So I broke down my lessons in the following way: the first one will be an introduction about competitive group learning and how this can be made positive, and the second lesson will be how to use those concepts with adult ESL students. I already feel we incorporate competitive types of learning in Adult ESL (called games or activities) and so think this information will be really useful.

We also have to incorporate concepts of Kolb's learning cycle and UDL principles into our lessons. Overall I feel I've got all this down pretty well.

The following are materials I have put together to use during my first lesson. As you can see I wasn't comfortable with plain-old styles of handouts. *Note: These were made via templates in Microsoft Applications which I manipulated for my own use.

My handout for my PPT presentation, meant to give more detailed information:

The following is my powerpoint presentation, which has certain animations that are fun to watch. 


Competitive Group Learning from Joy Iris-Wilbanks

Well I breezed through breakfast to work on this, so probably a good idea to eat something now. Hopefully I can get to my second lesson and start fine tuning that soon. 

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