Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Seahawks are now my team

I'm not really a football (American football) fan or really just a person who spends much time watching the game. If you were to ask me which sport I like I would say baseball. But after watching the Superbowl with Ian and his friends on Sunday, I've come to realise it's not such a bad game.

Of course I learned a lot about the game by watching it and asking folks, "What does that mean?"

But it was really exciting seeing the town come together in team spirit and then feel victorious when the Seahawks won on Sunday. On my drive home from the game people were in the streets yelling, "Go Hawks!" and cars were honking along. It feels like wholesome community spirit and I confess I feel somehow a part of it all. I also feel proud to have happened to pick this city to live in with a winning team.

So for future reference, Seahawks are now my football team!

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  1. YEAH.... Joy's..becoiming an American again!....Down w/gangnum style...up with men in tight suits bashing the crap outta each other! ;)