Saturday, February 1, 2014

Seattle's Lunar New Year Celebrations

I live a stone's throw from the International District here in Seattle. Also known as Chinatown but since it envelops more than just Chinese culture it's called the International District. This time of year is when the Lunar calendar celebrates a turning of the year. 2014 is the year of the Horse and I guess it means you can keep a steady hard working pace.

But it meant that the International District put on a festival to celebrate the Lunar New Year. With performances of dragon and lion dances, Phillipino dances and even Korean dances. But I didn't see all of them.

Besides the performances was a promotion of food in the International District, ranging from Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese to Phillipino and so on. The great thing about this event was their food crawl, where you just pay 2 bucks and you get a small dish from certain restaurants. So after I met up with Ian we went from place to place grabbing little bites of Japanese onion pancakes to Chinese buns. It was pretty yummy and made me realise how close I am to some good and cheap eats.

Below: Phillipino dance...

They had a large tent where you can buy some things and where kids could do some crafts.

The sun came out finally and the rain tapered off. 

Today is the start of February and that means that in about 24 days I will have been in Seattle for a year. But most importantly it means all this time has gone by since my life in Korea. I really can't believe how fast it's all been.

You know I had some rough times in Korea. About a year or so before I left Korea (before I made the decision) I was working as a team leader at my school. It was tough times (you'll know if you read my previous blog) and I did my best to keep the peace and also find my position. Sometimes I think back on those hard times and I've come now to realise I'm in a better place now. I feel I am over some of those hardships and hurt feelings I experienced. It might take a few more years, though, for me to completely let go of some of the harder things. But I'm glad I've come this far. 

I know 2014 is going to be full of school work and challenges in that manner. I just hope it brings me closer to my destiny and wherever I'm supposed to be in life. 

Happy Lunar New Year Everybody!

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