Sunday, February 9, 2014

Snow in Seattle: Feb. 2014

The snow started to come down last night around 7pm and it didn't really stop before I went off to bed. This snow episode seems to be a lot mightier than the last one.

I put on my winter coat to see what I could see.

The local temple looked pretty in the snow...

Even bamboo leaves look lovely in the snow, as well...

I headed into Judkin's Park and to my delight there was a large snowman and people sledding. I also saw some folks skiing around the park, as well.

As you might recall, snow in Seattle is not a common thing and I'm sure by this evening the site will have melted away. But it's a fun reminder of the four seasons.

School is going well this quarter, however my research for one paper is kind of going slowly. I'll try to step that up a bit.

A little bird outside my window...

And one last picture of the PacMed building in the fog (taken a while ago).

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