Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Power of Imagination...Imagined Communities of English

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Social Linguistics is quite a really good class. But it's also an intimidating one with concepts that really hit the heart of the intersection between English language learning and social power. I've really been enjoying making huge connections between my past teaching experiences and concepts such as identity, power and ethnicity.

For my final paper I researched and wrote about Imagined communities of English because I felt it explained a lot of what I experienced in South Korea. Why Korean moms pressure their children so much to acquire and master English. Why I somehow was better than other teachers because of my country of origin and skin color, and why other teachers were less desired. It made me realise my position as the "Native English Teacher" and that no matter what my beliefs might be, that there is no such things as a NET,...this concept is powerful and subscribed to by a large community of people.

So my presentation above, which is still in it's editing form, will be what I use on the last day of class to convey all those understandings and connections.

Also if you're interested in reading some of my papers go to my academia profile page here, and have a look. Thanks~

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