Monday, March 17, 2014

Cherry Blossoms at the UW Quad

Last year, Ian told me about how amazing the cherry blossoms were at the UW Campus, but I never went. So I figured this year I'd better go, and I wasn't let down. However, after being blown away year after year of seeing cherry blossoms living in Seoul this slightly made the cut.

Things got sunnier by the time I made it over to the fountain with the water fowl.

What trip to the UW Campus would be complete without a stop over at the Suzzallo library.

Apparently the students at the UW have the great luxury of vending machines in their libraries selling treats, test documents and even post-its.

Everywhere you look now spring is coming out of the woodwork. We are getting patchy sunny days with several rainy days. I'm excited for full on sunnyness to come our way, though!

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  1. Lovely cherry blossoms... I was there on Monday, but they weren't quite at their peak... maybe tomorrow.