Saturday, March 22, 2014

Painted - Sketched

You might be wondering whether I have been doing any art lately, and the answer is Yes! Despite having my nose in a book most of the time, or on the internet endlessly searching for the best resources I try to find time to express my artistic self.

Lately, I've been doing watercolors of street views (carrying on my regular series). But today I went out to Greenlake and did some sketching (the tree above and the house you will see below pencil).

When the skies clear up here, I have a perfect view of Mt. Rainier and I've told myself "I should draw this view...often!" So today I did that using "Paper" an iPad app and a stylus. I think I'll keep this habit up!

I've gotten into street views lately, of Japan. By using Google maps I can head down the streets in Japan and snap shots for inspiration. I really like how neat and organised everything looks in Japan (strong contrast from Korea).

And then there is the birth of spring coming into clear view everyday as we slowly walk away from winter. I am a strong hater of the winter season, and can't wait till it's really far behind me.

Sketching at Greenlake today was a real hoot! I enjoyed sitting back and really getting into it and just zoning out, letting life's worries not get to me. I also found myself listening to the conversations people had as they walked by and realised that everyone's life seems pretty complex.

Well I am into my "spring break", which is a week off before the next quarter. I've done a lot of reading-ahead already for next quarter, and hope that will be enough to get a good head start. We'll see...we'll always see...

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  1. I am enjoying your sketches and blog very much! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and letting me know about yours. . . I will keep my eye on it. Happy sketching -

    - Tina