Saturday, April 5, 2014

Grammar and Social Justice on my plate

My spring quarter has already sprung into action (haha). On my plate are Social Justice and Structures of English (Grammar). It's already been just the first week and I'm zooming ahead like usual. There are two major works to be accomplished and I feel like tackling them head on now, instead of floating around them for a few weeks will be much-much better!

Grammar project:

This one consists of researching a grammar topic and finding things out like it's frequency in a corpus based diagnosis and pedagogical implications considering student's transfer issues. 

I think doing this project has already helped me in some ways because I was able to get in depth about a topic but also understand it from different angles, such as issues students have with the form. Anyways, I chose to research comparatives and superlatives and already wrote quite a bit. I definitely feel students have trouble with these forms because after you get past the basics forming different patterns can be quite difficult. Or simply helping students understand the problem with not writing, "She is more great than you" and instead write "She is greater than you." Or something like that! (Forgive me...things are starting to meld together). I'll post up more I guess when I've had time to process it all.

Social Justice project:

Here we select an issue that we think would be good to research based upon our field of study or practice. I have chosen to research Language Access for Immigrants and Refugees. So far that is a very broad topic but I'm already enjoying reading about it as seen at this site

Our project entails an interview with someone who runs a program related to the topic, so I think that will be fun. I also want to go around town with my camera and photograph signs or scenes that I feel exemplify this issue of "language access". At the very end of this class everyone is presenting their very own PechaKucha presentation (20 slides, 20 seconds each ?) sorta thingy. So I feel if I use authentic imagery that would make for a lovely presentation!

Well that's where my brain has been lately. Since this quarter has friends and family visiting within it, I am trying to create a lot of cushioned barriers so not to feel stressed when those times come.

But guess what looms ahead? My comprehensive exam....more on that later!

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