Monday, April 28, 2014

The Sewol Ferry Disaster

This post is mostly to show to my readers of this blog, that I am in tune with the news and have been following this story since it happened.

The Sewol ferry disaster is one that has touched me deeply. Those on Facebook know that I have been passionate to defend this as a huge event for South Korea.

As time passes we can see that what caused the ferry to sink and what caused the people inside to not be rescued or to not evacuate in time are due both in part to negligence and irresponsibility of the ship's crew, but you can also look to the infrastructures in place that informed these events. Such as the boat being overloaded with cargo, and possibly placed in precarious positions on the ship.

Of course it is hideous to start blaming Korea for this disaster, but Koreans themselves are responding to this event with introspection. In some sense you can liken this to an event here in America where an individual picks up a gun and shoots down a whole school or movie theatre. What laws in our society caused this? What lack of mental health that we provide caused this? Sure no one in particular attacked the Sewol ferry, but in essence the societal structures of Korea informed the decisions made by all people involved in this event.

The following article, exemplifies this introspection taken in by the country. Teens have been expressing their condolences and also their opinions of this disaster...

"These students also scorn the social atmosphere that only considers making money. “Our society is one where people only look out for themselves. Because of grownups’ greed, these students’ lives were lost in the blink of an eye,” wrote a second-year student at Singil Middle School in Ansan. “What is the reason that we study ethics? I really wish grownups wouldn’t live so unethically. I wish that our precious young lives could be made safe,” another student opined."

I'm not writing this to point the finger at Korean society or shout in rage at the injustice caused to the innocent people on the ship. I simply want to say it's not wrong for anyone or a whole country to look inwards when a national tragedy occurs. 

With all that said I want to express my condolences to the victim's and their families. I hope resolve comes and that all victims are found and laid to rest so they can move on peacefully into the next world. 

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