Saturday, May 24, 2014

Brother's Graduation

My brother graduated from Mills College with a degree as a Childlife Specialist. He is there when children who are terminally ill or going through serious illness at hospitals need someone to help them understand what is going on. It's a commendable job and a great career that he chose.

The ceremony was lovely and the Mills College campus is also a nice site to see. After the ceremony and visiting his college department we grabbed some to-go lunch and headed to the Mountain View Cemetery. Yes, an odd place to eat lunch and celebrate someone's new direction in life but it came with a fantastic view.

The boys in their colorful pants...

After finishing lunch Jon got his dog and we all enjoyed a stroll down Point Isabel park.

I wish the best for my brother and that he continues to brighten young people's lives everyday.


  1. It was so wonderful to share the day with you. Thank you!!! <3


  2. Likewise brother!!! Come up to Seattle some time, okay!