Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Out to Cali: De Young Museum

My brother graduated from his Master's program this last weekend and in celebration I went to California to see it happen. My mother flew in from Florida and we first met up at the De Young Art Museum in San Francisco's Golden Gate park. We were met with a beautiful Californian day and also lovely art in the galleries.

Ian also joined us on this trip and my brother too came along later.

Some interesting artworks at the museum were a photo and print collection of the old Bay Bridge, which has since been replaced and is now being deconstructed. Other works included a Pop Art section and then a wares section.

One section had Impressionist paintings with placards nearby that had poems written by children who viewed the painting.

Overall we had a good time at the museum and before heading to Oakland we enjoyed ourselves in the Cali sun.

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