Friday, May 9, 2014

Poster Presentation at the 2014 Seattle University Graduate Research Conference

Today I presented my social linguistics paper at the 2014 Seattle University Graduate Research conference as a poster presentation. You might recall me talking about Imagined Communities of English a while back and showing some of the resources I used for this.

I basically added more information to the handout I created for that class and then printed it out in poster size.

Not a lot of people showed up but a good group of folks came by and I talked about my research and the impact it has on teaching. I liked explaining that there are communities of English out there and that students can sometimes subscribe to a certain membership of English informing their participation in class. One woman talked about how she is Persian and that she has a good grasp of the English language now but when she does math it's in Farsi. So that was a good conversation.

Otherwise it was a very humble conference and I stuck around to watch a few presentations, one from a fellow colleague in my program. All together I was honoured to present and talk about my findings from last quarter.

I leave you with this fresh iris flower:

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