Sunday, June 22, 2014

Fremont Fair 2014

When I was getting ready to move back to America I was excited that I picked the Pacific Northwest. For one I knew it was a place where whacky stuff happens along with that fun-liberal kind of life. The Fremont Fair is something that provided that kind of atmosphere in ample amounts. This event is meant to celebrate the freedom to be "peculiar".

I went with a school friend and we had a good time checking things out. I got a nice sunburn on half of my body but it was well worth it.

One of the attractions at the fair is the Solstice Parade which begins with nude be warned the following contains nudity... with body paint.

The painted-bicyclists went on for a good hour and then the musical and showboat sort-of style of the parade took place. You had different groups come down doing their own sorta thing and some of the time you just didn't know what it was all about. But I went along with it and enjoyed this whacky culture.

Other areas of the fair included vendors and musical venues, although we didn't make it to the music.

Magnetic metal parts for sale...would be cool to put these on the front of one's house...if I had a house.

I definitely want to go back next year and see if I can reserve a spot with a lawn chair to watch the parade. Otherwise we had great weather and it was a good end to my week long vacation. Now, it's back to school with the summer quarter!

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