Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Spring Quarter 2014 Signing Off

Well I can't believe it, another quarter gone like the dust in the wind. This quarter I really worked hard to be ahead so that when family came to visit I wasn't worried about school work. That left me kinda off in class on where we were at, since my head was already ahead in the book.

The grammar class kicked my butt in some ways, mostly because I found a lot of it to be over my head. But it also pushed me to think about how grammar is structured to be difficult and how much I do and do not know. Yet I am kind of proud of myself for being able to understand some things and even address them in my papers, along with getting good scores on assignments.

The other class, Social Justice, seemed to be an interesting experiment in tackling tough social issues and facing your role in all of it. I definitely feel I have a better sense of what justice really is and what racism is really about. I know I will forever be contending with my status as a white person in society and my privileges that goes along with this. I am grateful, however, for my experience abroad because it gave me a lot of knowledge to go on during our discussions and for the readings. I know it's not entirely comparable but the struggles I faced in Korea, in some parts for being a foreigner, gave me a lot to go on when discussing certain topics in this class. In the end, I found myself having a voice and not feeling threatened or worried about what people would think towards my ideas.

However, this whole quarter I felt distracted. Money was really tight this quarter and a lot of unexpected expenses came up and bit me in the butt. Of course I'm not out on the street but it got the gears in my head thinking about how I'm spending my time in Grad school when I could be working full time somewhere paying off the debt I already have. I have to remind myself grad school will pay off later and that it is a valuable experience in the long run. But other distractions came to me as well like what job will I have when I graduate and just generally feeling down some days and also tired from all the studying.

I have one week before the summer quarter and my instincts are to read ahead, get started on papers and ignore my soul wanting to take a break. I probably should do one of those things that is best for me before my brain freezes up.

I'm taking Tom to the Vet tomorrow for his annual rabies shot, so that should be fun. Anyways, spring quarter was good in some sense and had some struggles but I made it through!

 I'll just do this for the next week...

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