Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Creating a CALL Lesson in Canvas (preview)

What's hot? Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) that's what!

For one of my classes this quarter we have been assigned the project of creating our own CALL lesson using the CANVAS online learning tool. As a student I only get a limited access to this site and in essence I mostly create "pages".

I have been developing a lesson for the content of photographic narratives for an intermediate ESL / IEP class. I'll let you know that the only "web developer" experience I have is from blogging all these years.

To spiff up my lesson I decided to use infographics and managed to find a website that gives you free templates. From there I changed these using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Hey! I guess those graphic design classes I took way back when are going to good use.

I really want to share all my hard work with you guys, so that you can see what this sort of thing ends up looking like. I spent all day today further developing my lesson, so I'm pretty pooped. With that said, I'm going to share just the first few pages I created.

The following is my "Welcome Page", it is what students will start off on and is supposed to be their guiding map for the whole lesson. I managed (through a rigorous few hours of tinkering) to download it as a PDF. The text isn't exactly the same, but imagine it looking better...okay!

Students are prompted to go to the other pages labeled as "modules". Here is an example of the very first module they will go to start learning. I have "copied and pasted" the content onto here so you can get a more interactive feel.

Module 1a

Introducing Photographic Narratives - Key Elements
(By now you should of read pages 182 & 183 in your book. The following is a review of this information with an activity)

compo copy.jpg







TO COMPLETE MODULE 1 Go to the next page: Module 1b

I really want to share my reflections on all of this and also expunge the difficulties of making an online class. Furthermore, it has to be for language learners! So far I've mostly been experimenting with layout and different online tools I can use to aid in the learning process. I hope to share more about all this after I get some rest from the old computer screen. 

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