Friday, September 5, 2014

Binders Full of Comprehensive Exam Notes

I finally found the time to put together all my binder's of notes that I will use for studying for the Comp's exam next winter. I know I'm super early, but I feel that if I am organised and familiar with what I need to study before I even start studying that this will help keep the stress levels down.

I've put together quite a collection here and my strategy is to use the collection of notes from other people as a springboard into studying my own own notes. Then use the articles to get more of a well rounded idea of the information from a writer's perspective. There are a few more topics I could make notes on but I feel like taking a break from that.

Since I'm not working as much as I thought I would this summer I guess I should try to crack these open and take a look.

Anyways, not a too exciting post here but what the heck...right?

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