Thursday, September 25, 2014

Creating my own travel watercolor box

I think every year around my birthday I go on a shopping frenzy, where I tell myself I need to go and get myself a present. That's what happened today as I went art supply shopping all around town. I  realised what I really wanted was to make my own travel watercolor box. I've been wanting to draw and paint on the road or in a cafe - wherever - since I got to Seattle. I do follow some blogs where people do this (you can see those links on the side). So after some research I headed to Daniel Smith's. Their prices weren't cheap but they had the paint pans that I needed and other things.

I also stopped at Daiso and found a great plastic compartment container for the paint pans. They fit snugly inside and were adhered using double sided tape, also found at Daiso. I miss the real Daiso that I went to in Korea, but I'll take what I can get. 

 (Above: Assembling the paint pan box. Below: Adding the paints.)

I made a little chart for myself so I know what they are when I go out into the field. The real money was spent on the Moleskin watercolor sketchbook and new brushes, including two water brush pens (they hold water inside a small tank). You can see I put in a range of colors and left one pan empty, as I am not sure what to add - maybe another yellow or maybe a color I buy along the way. Thankfully the pans can be removed and moved around.

Okay, sorry the picture came out vertical. But what you see here is from the top left: Moleskine sketchbook, underneath that a pouch to carry it all with some water spraying devices next to it, underneath all that are some waterproof pens. Then the upper right corner has a ceramic tray for mixing, a metal container with a lid (not sure what I will do with this, maybe carry water....hmm). The brush pens and some tissues that are in a fun travel size.

I hope this compels me to get out and sketch and paint, after a day of studying. As the cooler air sets in, along with the rain, I can take this to a cafe or someplace and sketch / color away. Happy birthday to me!

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