Sunday, September 7, 2014

Discovery Park - Getting the last summer sun

In a place like Seattle you start to understand when the glorious sunny days of summer are going to fade out to the grey clouds of fall and winter. This weekend we planned on going out to Mt. Rainier but after Ian realised it takes about 2.5 hrs to get there he changed his mind. (In the future we should leave earlier). So we decided instead to get our outdoors fix by going to Discovery Park, which is on the northwestern side of the city.

It's a huge park and we enjoyed a hike down to the beach. From there we had a picnic (consisting of Korean kimbop and treats - Happy Chuseok!) and explored the area till we hiked back up to the car.

I got into taking black and white photos of the drift wood...

In the next picture if you look out onto the horizon you'll see a fuzzy white shape, that's Mt. Baker.

We dug a hole and buried a stick in it...good times.

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