Sunday, September 21, 2014

Lincoln Park

What was Summer 2014 like? For me it felt like it went by really fast but I somehow managed to get out and do a few things. I visited a lot of parks in the Seattle area and one of them was Lincoln Park. It's nestled next to the Puget Sound in West Seattle. There were some lovely trails and then a really nice long walk near the water.

Summer also felt like a time where I pretended to not be a student. I didn't really study the comps notes I created for myself. However, I did crack open my Keith Folse grammar book and taught myself a few things. I'm still getting the hang of really being able to understand grammar and what students really need to know. Hopefully this coming grammar course I'm taking this fall will help with that. The rain is expected to come this week and these summer photos will be a great way to look back at the warm and lovely summer we've had this year.

The park also has a pool alongside it, which is apparently treated with Puget Sound water that is also heated. Perhaps I should pay it a visit next summer when it is in season again.

I'm constantly amazed every time I visit the Puget Sound how clear the water is, and usually stand by the shore and just watch the water lap back and forth.

Two more quarters left people! I took a look at those comps notes today and felt a bit of stress knowing I need to start understanding it all. Just trying to shake off my summer haze and get back into studying. Hopefully the cooler weather and hot tea will help with that.

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