Monday, September 29, 2014

The Wet Returns

The wetness that defines Seattle as Seattle returned last week. It felt like Fall had come barging in telling Summer to hurry up and pack. But that's okay, because the wetness has been a comforting return. It helps me focus on my studies and as Ian says doesn't make you feel guilty for staying inside.

But I went out anyway and took a stroll through the falling light rain of September.

Fall quarter also started last week and I only had to attend one class but already I can tell this quarter is going to give me enough flexibility to stay focused and work on things at the same time. The Structures of English II class doesn't seem too demanding but will also really help me understand more about grammar.

Well, let's see more drippy photos...

A while ago I moved my furniture around and this caused Tom to not have a spot at the window. So he has been sitting in my one and only chair (my desk chair). I went out to the Goodwill and found this spectacular stool for Tom and he took to it right away. I love how it matches him...:)

And well.... happy birthday to me!

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