Monday, October 20, 2014

Snoqualmie Falls ~

Around the first week of the Fall Quarter I went with a friend to Snoqualmie Falls located near Issaquah, which is not too far from me. It was a really lovely time with a view of the waterfall and hike through the woods on a late summer-early fall day.

These days I am entrenched in my school work, internship and studying for the Comprehensive Exam (which are essay questions, btw). I've managed to get a good running start on my school work so that has left time to study for the Comps and think about my impending job hunt. I feel like I should keep an eye out for job ads as it is possible some schools will start looking now for spring hires. But it made me realize I need to make sure I have cover letters and other materials ready. I should practice writing cover letters so that it won't be too stressful when the time comes. Also some schools ask for a "Teaching Philosophy" and even a "Diversity Statement". Thankfully, I am taking the Multi-cultural perspectives class right now which is helping me develop that statement of diversity.

Otherwise, I'm starting to feel too competitive with this job hunt thing. I want it to be more of an adventure and way to express my achievements.

Let's look at more Falls pictures...

When you hike down the mountain you come to the Snoqualmie River, then you go around a little bend and get to see the Falls in all its glory! Go hydraulic power! (picture below)

Now the leaves are changing colors and the rain is pouring down. I hope this winter won't be too cold, but heck it won't be as cold as Korea was.

So next weekend is the WAESOL conference (just one day) and I have figured out what I want to see. A lot of good stuff to choose from. I presented last year, and I'm not this year. It was really stressful and I feel like if I do that again I would love to do it as a team so you can have more of a discussion.

Other than that just trying to pep myself up for job hunting and comps taking. ... winter is coming. ;)

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