Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Holiday Interlude

I've been taking a bit of a retreat lately here in the Northern California Foothills. I decided to take a week long break to visit family and relax from all the school-ness that has been happening.

The great thing about this visit, thus far, has been the abundant sunshine. Seattle has been living up to its reputation as a rainy city lately and I'm glad to encounter some sun while I'm out here.

Also just been admiring the California vibes that I've been seeing.

I guess after all my travels and experiences it feels a bit odd to come back to the city I went to high school in. But I was pleased to see people sitting around interacting with each other, instead of staring at their phones. It seems modern society has still not completely touched this small town.

I also enjoyed sitting out in the sun sketching the local scenery.

Cafe Mekka...still there...and still full of "white hippies"...

The Rock Shop...a staple little store that has been here since I was a kid visiting from Florida.

I did bring my notebooks and school work with me just in case I need to do anything. Or just in case I actually want to study...lack of motivation. But I do plan on studying once back in Seattle...back in rainy Seattle.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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