Sunday, December 28, 2014

Bellevue Garden D'lights

We went to Bellevue's botanical gardens light show to see what we could see. Turns out they turned the gardens into a lovely light show at night, with displays in the shapes of flowers, trees and animals. It was fun and not too cold so we had a good time.

It's corn!

I want strawberry lights!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Snapshot of the Future

It's nearing the last week of the Fall quarter here, and I'm being thrust into the end of my graduate career. My time in California was good because it helped me understand my little life here in Seattle better. In just the last two years I feel like I've grown so much. From a recent repatriated soul to a now knowledgable academic.

I'm about 60 days away from taking the comprehensive exam and so have started studying much more rigorously. Also, to my surprise I recently got a job interview for an adjunct position at one of the local community colleges. This would be to teach 1 class for the winter quarter. When I received the email I was immediately delighted and excited. But then as I thought about it I realized that if I were to teach 1 class next quarter it would mean juggling that with studying for the comps, completing my internship and also taking 1 class in my program. The anxiety and stress of that realization hit me the first night, but I still accepted the interview. I'll be going to that on Monday.

If I get the job it would really help me be on track to have a job after I graduate. They could rehire me to teach more classes and it will look good on my resume as I continue to look for work.

With all the hoopla about how terrible adjuncting is, I think I'm going to have to see for myself. Sure I could end up teaching 1 class at one college and another somewhere else, but I feel like there will be some reward in that. Of course, not in perks such as health coverage...etc. But it was a goal of mine to teach at a community college by going into this degree. To have that goal come to life would be really fulfilling.

So obviously, I want to pass the interview and I'll do my best. My philosophy on interviews is that you can prepare as much as you want, but this is all about what happens when it happens. With that said, I am still preparing, haha. I've done some research into their programs and I'm using resources to practice answers for potential questions. I'll be interviewed by a small committee of faculty consisting of their Intensive English program, English for Academic Purposes and EAP - ESL (literacy) program. That means that I could be hired by any of those departments. Yet, it also means that I'll probably be asked questions ranging from how would I teach an EAP class to how I would teach an intensive writing class...hopefully I have enough answers to go around.

It's all exciting and I'm considering how I'll juggle it all next quarter (if I get the job). Mostly I'll be stressed in January until I take the comps. Thankfully, I already have notes and strategies for studying under way. I've also got a few study buddies to help me out. However, I wouldn't just taking it and getting it done!

In other news, not much else is happening. Winter in Seattle means the sun goes down early and the sky stays grey all day. Tomas seems to take this in by sleeping all day, then pestering me before bed time to play.

Well that's my life in a nutshell right now...amazing things seem to happen when you give up on worrying about them. :p