Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Calm before the storm?

Well I'm still here. It's been a few weeks since I started my new job at a local Community College. I've been teaching a mid-level Writing class that focuses on sentence structure and using articles. It's been interesting in that I've discovered I need to spend some time on the content and how I will present it to my students.

Besides that I'm still studying for my Comps exam, but I think I have a good lead on that. Just really want to take it and get it over with. So it seems things are a bit more balanced now and I have fallen into a bit of routine. I go to work in the morning, come home and then do some lesson planning - work business. Then I pick up my binders and study for the Comps, while getting distracted with videos related to the topics I have to study. By then it's dinner time and veg-out time with videos.

I'm really eager to have the Comps behind me so I can get my projects done for my one TESOL class I'm taking. Then I'll have more time available to really work on making my lessons come out better, but also just general leisure time! I need a good hike through the woods or a good sit on a park bench somewhere.

I know it's still winter, but I feel like spring is coming little by little. The sun is staying out just a little bit longer and I even hear bird songs now and then. Can you tell I care nothing for winter?

Anyway, hope everyone who reads is doing well. Chow!

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