Monday, February 9, 2015

Passing a test and coming out the other end

I have passed my comps test.

What was the test like?

When I opened up the envelope and read through the questions I did become overwhelmed. There were a few questions that I didn't want to see as my choices, and a few I felt like I couldn't strongly answer them. Nevertheless, I did my best and seemed to have done it right. I wrote about 3 pages for each question, which is a page over the minimum required.

In the end it was a bit stressful taking it, but my answers seemed to flow out of me. Maybe it's because I studied so much or that I tried to write about how I felt in regards to the subject matter.

Anyway, having passed the test I definitely feel relieved. I can move on with my life...I can see that I definitely finished my M. Ed. TESOL degree and that life as a graduate students is going to fade away.

Other life things...

I moved! I moved into a 3 bedroom house with my boyfriend in a neighborhood near where I last lived. The house is a bit of a fixer upper (we're renting), but the landlord is super okay fixing things. My room has a closet and enough space to put in my two desks, so now I have space for my work and my art!


I have been teaching one class, a writing one, and it hasn't been easy. The students are great, they are not a problem. The class involves three different things going on and you kinda gotta get to it all. It's already week 6 and I think I've got the hang of things. At first I went at it trying to make lessons with materials and activities, but time kept getting the best of me. Then I realized that it is better to get to know the material and what I'm teaching and how to say it. Now I'm at a point where I need to just organize the day-to-day and pepper things with activities, but most importantly try to understand the material and give students time to practice.

The class involves learning sentence structures, editing and articles. I'm a little worried with the amount of energy I spend on one class, as I hope to be teaching 2 or 3 classes in the future. Teaching full on in an intensive English program definitely is different from what I imagined. However, I'm doing my best to make it work. Now with the comps past me I think I can feel less stressed.


I'm still finishing up my last class (a Reading in TESOL one). I have two more assignments I need to finish before the end of the quarter, plus whatever reading is left. At this point, I'm interested in the subject matter but ready to say so long.

I really enjoyed my program and being a grad student. There were definitely some tough times and I did some growing and learning through the process. My two years back in America is coming up and I remind myself I once lived in Korea. I've been focused a lot on the present and future that I hope I take some time to look back on the past.

My job is 30 minute away (by car), so I hope in the future my commute isn't something of a bother. Who knows as I could end up at a school, which is closer. But this first job has been a blessing and I'm really grateful.

Overall, I've moved my things into a new place and been busy unpacking. I'll take and put up pics as soon as things look less chaotic.

That's the news...

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