Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Successful lessons or interactions with your students - how it feels

Today I brought in two take-out packages of Chinese dim sum treats for my students. Lunar New Year is upon us and many of my students are from countries where this means a break for them. Yet, they are in America where we just glance over this special time in the world. So I thought I would share a little of those fun times with my students today.

I was quite nervous that they wouldn't like the treats I selected or that they would feel awkward being treated by their American teacher. However, it went well (of course). They loved the egg tarts more than the sesame buns, and I was happy to see they like the mango juice I brought as well.

Now I'm not really trying to "butter up" my students but the program I teach at is so intense and busy that I haven't had much relaxed fun time with my students. (This is at an intensive English program at a local community college). I felt like at the smaller private schools they  have enough in-house events that I can get to know students a lot more, so I wanted to mimic that.

I still taught the class, as we did a few pages in the book and then I held a quiz game. This week I also have scheduled a visit to the school's library for the art exhibit, so a lot of fun things to do.

My hectic quarter is finally starting to feel balanced. School work for my one and last class is getting done and my move to my new place is feeling more settled.

I'm doing my best to accommodate my students and figure out the best ways to teach them the material. I don't know what's going to happen next quarter, as I applied to another job. I'm hoping I can continue at my current school - ah this reminds me to put out more applications.

So in essence having a successful lesson or good time with your students is always a real treat. Sometimes it's because you plan something that works and sometimes it happens cause you put everyone in a good mood. I just hope for more of these good times as the weeks go by.

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