Thursday, March 26, 2015

Ballard Locks & Tea

Last week, Ian and I found some time that we could spend together and went out to the Ballard Locks (Hiram M. Chittenden Locks). It was a sunny day that brought some warmth and spring weather to the air.

This was my first time to the Locks, which are known for the fish ladder where you can see salmon. However, it's not yet the season for this so we just enjoyed the scenery.

The Locks allow boats to come in and they somehow make the water-level go up and down, which was very interesting to look at.

These days my grad school life is over and I'm hitting the pavement trying to get some work. Last quarter I taught one class at a local community college and was told I would get a few more classes for next quarter. But everything depends on student enrollment, and now they are not too sure. I had an interview at another community college last week and they seemed to like me. I'm waiting to hear from them this week whether they too have availability for me.

I must admit I didn't really prepare myself for this "adjunct" life of waiting for a job. It's not something I'm enjoying, either. I do have a backup plan which is teaching some regular hours at the IEP private school I've been subbing for. This won't get me the income I need to fully survive, but it will do. However, I want to hold out on that as long as I can. The first comm. college may still have classes for me, but won't know until late next week.

Meanwhile, I keep applying to other positions I see out there. I realized that some schools may not be passing my resume along because my transcript doesn't show "graduated" yet, which will change next month.

A part of me really wants to have something secured by now, and another part of me says "wait it'll get what you want". Thankfully, Ian is being supportive and the new spring weather is cheering me up.

A VW Bus:

Ian went to LA for his vacation, and so I've been trucking it along out here. I met up with a friend recently for some tea at a local tea cafe in the International District. The Panama Hotel is an old establishment that use to be a part of the local Japanese residents. It was a very cozy cafe and had that old-timey feel to it.

Tom in the shadows....

Monday, March 9, 2015

Spring 2015

Spring is finally, and I really mean it, finally here! Green buds are showing up on trees and warmer temperatures are coming around. It's really a breath of fresh air because I feel like ever since December it's been non-stop work and grueling through winter.

I may not know exactly where I will be working come spring quarter, but at least I have bluer skies and greener trees to look forward to.

I came home from work today and did the necessary grading and preparing, then after some job hunting went outside to see what I could see.

This was all just around my neighborhood, and I really enjoyed my walk. Only one more week left of teaching this quarter and then finals week. I'm also at the end of my quarter at SU as a student. Going to do an informal presentation Thurs, but really that is about it! 

During my vacation, I hope to get out and explore around the area more, and just take in the missing personal time that's been vacant over the past 3 or so months. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

shelves - shelves - organizing one's workspace

I've since moved into a 3 bedroom house with my boyfriend. We each have our own room, which is strange to some people. Here are some reasons why...I am a morning person, and he is a night owl (a very long night owl). I love to be around Tom and cuddle with him at night (Ian is allergic to cats). Third reason? I have my own darn space! The other bedroom is occupied by our roommate who isn't around much...he's leaving in July so we might fill that space with a studious grad student (maybe an international person..)

Since moving into my new room, I've painted the walls an antique blue and today installed shelves and things. What you see here is the fruition of many hours of labor. We have plaster and lathe walls that make it quite difficult to drill into, but after some screw ups we finally got the hang of it.

I really wanted to get things off the desks...Ikea has many wonderful wall organizing systems, which you are seeing here.

Also, half of my desk area is meant for my art, which now that I've got it all organized should have no excuses not to do. Below you see my "art cart" that houses many of my supplies. The pink blanket is a designated sleeping spot for Tom, which he has already catered to. I hope he starts to sleep on the red shelves so he feels he has more room in here.

For the rest of the house we got the living room painted (hope to show pictures soon) and Ian has been working on fixing up his room as well.

That's been my life in the past few days, and no these aren't exciting adventures, but it does feel good to know you have a comfortable and cozy place to call home. I also definitely feel I hit my dream of finally living in a house and not studios, like I did in Korea. A lot of the time in Korea I fantasized about more windows, yards, and just rooms. Well, if you wait long enough those things will come to you.