Friday, April 3, 2015

Keys to Success

So here is the update. I will be teaching two classes at a different community college that I worked at last quarter. This one takes the same amount of time to get to, but is a newer campus. My assignments are a Reading Level 1 and a Speaking and Listening Level 1 class. They meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:15 till 5:35 pm. (Back to back, with the same students). My students will be all Saudi students (4 of them) and male.

They are new to the school and possibly new to being students in America. Usually at the beginning of the quarter teachers hand out the syllabus and go over all the amazing policies. Then the quarter goes on and students forget their homework, use their phones in class...etc. What about all those policies you showed them? Well I will do that but accompany it with a simpler version that is embedded within the theme of "keys to success" where students learn how they can become successful in the class and in school (here in America).

Here it is: *NOTE: some of the policies are the program's policies, such as the "no first language". I make exceptions to it but only after they understand the school's policy.

I'll go over each page with the students helping them understand the meaning and why it relates to the class.

It's not the most exciting part of the lesson, but I feel it's more engaging than a lot of text on several pages. Plus it is easy to refer back to!

So far, I still need to plan my first week out and throw in activities so to get things warmed up. Yet, I want to take a look at the skills and materials they will be learning and make sure I'm not just focused on the "how" of my classes but the "what". Furthermore, it is tough to plan lessons without knowing your students yet. So I'll probably get more into by next week. :)